Enzymes and H2GREEN

Algae & enzymes Q&A

What are enzymes ?

Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts, which means that they speed up the body's biochemical reactions and make life possible. They are naturally present in vegetables and animals. They can also be produced industrially by fermentation.

Where do the enzymes for H2GREEN come from ?

From the cyanobacteria (sometimes called blue-green algae), we obtain the
genetic sequence that codes the production of the enzymes. We modify these
enzymes to be the catalysts for the reactions in our systems. We produce
them by fermentation in the lab (so we don't grow algae).

Why algae? Why not something else ?

The cyanobaterias date back more than 3.5 billion years and their enzymatic tools are very resistant.

To do this at scale, do you need to harvest huge quantities of algae ?

No. From the cyanobacteria (blue algae), we obtain the genetic sequence that codes the production of the enzymes we need. Then, by genetic engineering, we introduce it into a host bacteria to produce the enzymes by fermentation.

How we get enzymes for the H2GREEN system

Blue Algae

H2GREEN enzymes are produced by fermentation (like making beer!)

It all starts with blue algae, otherwise known as cyanobacteria. Their enzymatic tools are very resistant.


From the cyanobacteria (blue algae), we obtain the genetic sequence that codes the enzymes we need.


With the genetic sequence, we redesign and synthesise a plasmid.

Transformed Bacteria

This plasmid is introduced into a bacteria to make it produce our enzymes.

Bacterias Mutiplication

The host organism multiplies through fermentation.

Enzymes Production

Induction of the production of the recombinant enzymes by the host organism.

Enzymes Extraction & Purifying

Finally, we extract and purify the enzymes from the host organism.

These are the enzymes to be used in the H2GREEN system.

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