Benefits of H2GREEN

H2GREEN is a revolutionary technology developed by H2WIN S.A. to produce genuinely green hydrogen with renewable energy (sunlight), substrate (water) and catalysers (enzymes), with zero carbon and zero toxic emissions. It is very cost-efficient and allows for the production of hydrogen less expensively than using fossil fuels*. It is scalablemodular and compatible with existing systems. The system is patented in the European Union and the United States.
Generates Genuinely Green H2

Generates Genuinely Green H2

H2GREEN is a system to produce genuinely ‘green’ hydrogen. Nowadays, the term green hydrogen is used to describe hydrogen production using renewable energy sources to split water (H2O) even though the current catalysers are not renewable. H2GREEN uses sunlight and enzymatic catalysts –  both renewable.

The H2GREEN enzymatic system produces green hydrogen that is harmless to the environment and affordable. Hydrogen produced using the H2GREEN system could replace current power sources for mass usage worldwide. It’s the ultimate green energy solution.

Uses 100% Renewable <br />Resources and Catalysers

Uses 100% Renewable
Resources and Catalysers

H2GREEN uses direct sunlight (renewable and free). In addition, it uses enzymatic catalysts (also renewable) that can replace platinum, making it twice as ‘green’!

H2GREEN enzymes are produced by recombinant genetic engineering. They are infinitely renewable, totally safe, low cost and better than metallic catalyts that constitute current PEM and Alkaline electrolysers.

Hydrogen produced by H2GREEN, with its 100% renewable resources, does not pollute.

Is Cost-Efficient

Is Cost-Efficient

The H2GREEN enzymatic system allows for the production of green hydrogen less expensively than using fossil fuels*. The estimated cost is under around 1Eur/kg of green H2**.

H2GREEN is a simple and direct method to convert water  and sunlight (a free, abundant energy source) into hydrogen (H2) at low temperature, with low production cost, high efficiency, better capacity and without significant externalised costs (heat, CO2, toxic pollution, etc…) unlike fossil fuels.

It avoids the use of fossil fuels, and uses enzymes instead of, for example, platinum as a catalyst. The production of enzymes by recombinant genetic engineering is much cheaper than platinum extraction.

Hydrogen produced by H2GREEN with 100% renewable resources at such a low cost can become a realistic solution to meet a huge share of our energy needs.

*The price of fossil fuels is low because it externalises costs such as health problems, pollution and climate change generated by the production, transport and use of fossil fuels.

**As the current Capex is 0.54 Eur/kg of H2 (source: H2Europe Report on Clean Hydrogen 2020), added to the fact that our catalyser is the cheapest and sunlight is free, we estimate a final cost under 1Eur/kg of hydrogen.

Is Scalable

Is scalable

The H2GREEN system is scalable from small units to huge installations depending on the demand. It allows for local production of hydrogen, which means development of the local economy and more energy and political independence.

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