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COP 28, has the H2 hour arrived?

The whole world agrees that CO2 emissions must be reduced now and that H2 has a key role to play.

The question we must ask ourselves is:

How can the hydrogen economy displace the fossil one?

Belgian Greentech set to produce algae-inspired hydrogen raises 3.3 million euros

Brussels, 26/10/22. Belgian Greentech H2WIN S.A. successfully raised 3.3 million euros of equity from business angels in clear recognition of the value of its photosynthesis-inspired projects. Based on its patented H2GREEN system (Hydrogen Generated by Renewable Energy), H2WIN is working on a way to produce hydrogen or convert it into electricity using algae enzymes instead of expensive platinum...

Algae to produce clean hydrogen

A young Walloon sprout kicks in the anthill of hydrogen producers.

By using biomimicry, H2WIN has developed a revolutionary process.

Peer recognition of H2WIN's H2GREEN technology

The value of H2GREEN has been recognised by the scientific community. For example, the reputable scientific journals MRS Cambridge and Springer Nature published an article presenting the H2GREEN technology: The sustainable integration of human activities into the global ecosystem. In this article, Dr Philippe Lorge (founder of H2WIN S.A.) discusses: the impact of waste heat on climate change; the urgent need to shift from the "thermal age" to an "electroprotonic era"; the importance of technical solutions based on biomimicry such as the H2GREEN system; and the construction of a new socio-economic model to put an end to community-supported externalised costs.

Inspired by nature to produce green hydrogen

The Walloon greentech company H2WIN is working on a way to produce hydrogen or convert it into electricity using enzymes from plants instead of the expensive platinum. For this potentially revolutionary process, doctor of physicochemistry Philippe Lorge drew inspiration from blue-green algae.

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